We would like to consider a list of the TOP-7 alternatives among Western vendors of business security systems. There are many vendors that produce various individual parts of security systems such as cameras, software, ACS controllers, sensors, servers, readers.

LenelS2 today announced the release of its Elements™ system, a cloud-based, purpose-built access control and video management system delivered as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution.

The Australian Department of Defense is dismantling cameras made by Chinese companies Hikvision and Dahua, while the government is considering a complete ban on their use in all government agencies

GeoVision Inc., a provider of enterprise solutions for security and building automation, has released a number of updates, a roadmap and a catalog for 2023, some of these updates have been released specifically for Ukraine

GeoVision Inc., a provider of enterprise security and building automation solutions, announced a massive technology transition for its access control and workforce management system - GV-ASManager

Denmark joins the UK and becomes the second European country to formally, with supporting documentation, impose restrictions on Hikvision and Dahua.

Critical infrastructure is the circulatory system that provides the vital needs of the population and business. Learn how to create a 3-layered security system for critical infrastructure

LenelS2 has achieved an agreement to integrate Splan visitor management solutions into OnGuard®, NetBox™ and BlueDiamond™ systems

Following the global update of its security centralization and analytics software GV-Control Center v.4, GeoVision has released a major update to its core distributed access control software –

GeoVision has released a new version of the GV-Control Center, which has a completely new intuitive graphical interface, greatly improving the user-friendliness of a single interface.

While the exact timing of the "return to the old norm" remains unknown, many are already returning to their usual jobs. At the same time, there is also a need to prepare access control systems that have not been used for a long time for the return of workers.

GeoVision inc., A global provider of advanced integrated security and business automation solutions, has unveiled new solutions to combat COVID-19.

While companies around the world are trying to adapt to new conditions in the post-COVID era, many are deciding to switch to contactless access control systems. At the same time, the development of biometric technologies is accelerating, designed to protect businesses from new financial losses

Rapid digitalisation and software innovation are helping physical security tools to better deal with real threats. We owe this to smart algorithms that analyze large amounts of data collected by security systems.

Dormakaba Switch ™ interchangeable core door locks to upgrade traditional access control solutions to digital in minutes.

While the parking management industry is struggling to return to business as usual after the pandemic, some have chosen to use this opportunity to combine this process with the transition from traditional analog and physical control systems to solutions for digitalizing parking management processes and providing contactless control.

Today there are a large number of visualization technologies, each of which has both advantages and disadvantages. However, some tasks may require the use of different rendering technologies.

BIOVITAE is a patented UV-free disinfectant lighting technology that disinfects surfaces and environments from all known bacteria and viruses, while providing natural white light.

The LenelS2 development team is currently finalizing the integration of LenelS2 NetBox Global platform into the Magic Monitor user interface, making the company three major software platforms available in a single interface.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer just a buzzword. AI is firmly embedded in our daily lives and is becoming a vital tool for the security industry. In 2020, AI has received more attention than ever, and there are new ways to use this technology in the field of physical security.

The novel coronavirus pandemic has had a tremendous impact on all businesses, including the security industry. However, many security professionals saw new opportunities in the midst of this crisis: new approaches to using security products to meet the challenges of the pandemic.

LenelS2, a global leader in advanced security systems, announced the integration of its OnGuard® and NetBox ™ access control systems with Seek Thermal Scan thermal imaging systems. This integration will allow business owners to identify people with an elevated skin temperature using contactless technology and, based on this data, grant or deny access to visitors.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are now very popular in high-tech industries, and this is not surprising as many companies are starting to automate a growing number of their operations.

Smart thermal imagers are rapidly gaining popularity as a solution for detecting intruders, both for small objects (driveway protection) and for protecting large objects in the energy, chemical industry and transport infrastructure.

GeoVision, a manufacturer of video surveillance systems and IP cameras, has presented TAICS-certified IP cameras at the International Forum for Information and Communication Standardization 2018.

Following the GV-AI FR software solution, the first full-fledged AI system, the GV-AI System, was released.

Due to the efforts to combat the spread of COVID-19 and other diseases, contactless identification is emerging as a new trend in access control.

The latest generation GeoVision recognition engine utilizing deep learning technology makes the GV-LPR2800-DL / LPR2811-DL ideal for providing optimal license plate recognition for corporate, commercial, road and government infrastructure.

Are thermal imaging cameras right for your home or small business? Thermal imaging devices can be an excellent security solution for a home or small business. Let*s take a closer look at the principles of thermal imaging cameras.

LenelS2 announced the release of OnGuard® Security Management System version 8.0, which provides security teams with advanced monitoring and visibility into a unified view of the security environment, as well as data visualization tools

Covid-19 is forcing businesses to abandon traditional access control systems in favor of contactless biometric systems. Security system manufacturers are forced to look for alternative solutions.

The security industry is at a critical juncture. The processes of digital transformation and the integration of information security with the physical have accelerated under the pressure of the pandemic. Security, HR and IT departments are forced to work together to create strategies to get the business back on track.

Security systems can serve to directly increase the profitability of retailers by collecting data for analytics, generating personalized offers for loyal customers and tracking suspicious activity. Geovision has unveiled new software specifically designed for large retailers.

Molex, a global provider of network infrastructure solutions, has created the MIIM ™ G3 Advanced Physical Network Management System that enables your IT investments to deliver tangible business improvements by increasing productivity, accessing valuable information and reducing downtime.

Taiwan-based GeoVision has released a new version of GV-Recording Server, which has double the capacity and a number of new features, including the ability to remotely access from mobile devices using a QR code.

Even if you''ve never heard of structured cabling before, you still rely on the results of their work every day. SCS are so important to ensure uninterrupted network communication that they are called "the most important networking tool you''ve never heard of."

Genetec Inc. (“Genetec”) continues to strengthen its position as the worlds largest video surveillance software developer.

Mid-wave infrared is also called "thermal infrared" because the radiation in it comes from the object itself and does not require an external light source to display it. How bright an object appears in an image is influenced by two factors: the temperature of the object and emissivity (a physical property of a material that indicates how efficiently a material emits).

Those looking for an effective outdoor intruder detection solution are increasingly turning their attention to smart thermal cameras.

LenelS2 announces significant enhancements to VRx, the next generation video management platform providing advanced deep learning video analytics capabilities.

Lets take a look at common myths and get real information about the advantages and disadvantages of biometrics.

As COVID-19 spreads around the world, healthcare providers face difficulties in ensuring the health and safety of patients and medical personnel, as well as protecting important resources from theft. Due to the continuous improvement of digital video surveillance technologies, more and more medical institutions are choosing digital video monitoring solutions.

Although it is sometimes so tempting to reduce face recognition technology to a nightmare from Orwell’s books, it’s worthwhile to learn how to separate truth from myths in order to remove barriers to realizing the potential of this technology. Let''s look at the most common myths related to this topic

UTC Climate, Controls & Security completed the acquisition of S2 Security, which will be merged with Lenel, the global leader in advanced access control systems.

Geovision has released a new version of the video management system GV-VMS 18.1. Learn more about the new features and capabilities of the system.

The development of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies has increased the available range of communication channels for data exchange. Adapting IoT communication protocols to alarm systems increases the average number and variety of sensors that can be connected to each system, including wireless sensors. As a result, this leads to an increase in the supply of special wireless security sensors.

K-Systems has started cooperation with STid Electronic Identification - a leading manufacturer of quality equipment for access control systems.

The audio analytics tools built into the camera are a novelty for many integrators and end users. This may be due to ...

GeoVision, one of the leading providers of video surveillance and video management solutions, has released GV-AI FR, the first GeoVision AI system in recent years.

Video systems today have become the foundation of city-wide security, but these systems already produce more video than cities can use. A constant problem is the search for personnel to monitor images from video cameras and search archives. And increasing number of cameras will only make this problem worse.

The functionality of the software for access control systems is growing, but this has not yet been reflected in the industry’s share in the total revenue of security system vendors. Will the role of access control software in providing security and meeting the needs of advanced analytics be duly appreciated?

What are the operating principles and benefits of using the technology? What are the prospects for face recognition in the world and in Ukraine in particular?

Recent years have been marked by an active growth in the global professional video surveillance market. Projected growth in 2019 alone should be an impressive 9.3%. At the same time, the main driver of growth is the request for improving public safety and improving business processes.

Digital IP systems have become more cost effective than analog systems and are therefore preferred almost 100% of the time.

GV-Smart Retail – is a complex retail solution based on the achievements of artificial intelligence and Big Data analysis, face recognition and video analysis.

After numerous tests and training the system using artificial neural networks, GeoVision has released several solutions for automatic facial recognition.

New solution from the company Geovision. Virtual reality camera GV-VR360 working in the system of security, analytical video surveillance and at the same time allowing to conduct virtual tours in the enterprise, today.

During the implementation of the project, it was decided to use the hardware and software of such global brands in the industry as - Honeywell Security. To meet the needs for data transmission, a cable structured system of category 6 (Legrand) was built, and as ...

Geovision has proposed a professional solution for building a video wall for a video surveillance system. One of the advantages of this system is that the software runs on standard graphics cards, without the need to integrate additional equipment into the system

Using corporate network infrastructure for security applications such as video surveillance reveals some problems. It is possible to build separate networks, using specialized equipment and technologies specially developed for security systems, is a better solution.

Surveillance cameras that capture 360 ​​degrees are unique. These cameras provide customers with the opportunity to examine the general situation in the territory, as their field of view is much larger than that of cameras with fixed or varifocal lenses. In this article, we will look at how fisheye (fisheye) surveillance cameras with a 360-degree view contribute to improving security in various fields.

Implementation of the new format for highly efficiency video processing might have huge impact on video surveillance market in a short time. The main advantage of the new coding standard (H.265/HEVC) in comparison with...

New LenelS2 BlueDiamond readers now support iClass cards and mobile IDs based on iOS, AppleWatch and Android

GeoVision released PoE-enabled switches to meet the growing demand for this product. Switches GV-PoE is designed specifically for digital video streaming.

In the last decade, there has been a significant increase in the use of licensing-free technologies for transmitting data over radio channels, in particular audio and video data. Nowadays, many organizations are starting to use wireless (Wi-Fi) technologies to expand their traditional cable infrastructure - for example, installing wireless access points that connect to an existing network where cabling will be too expensive.

GV-Surveillance is a comprehensive system based on hardware and software technologies, which is the core of the Geovision security system. It provides all the needs for video surveillance and various functions of video analytics and ...

Innovative developments in the field of video surveillance made it possible to introduce into IP-cameras what until recently seemed impossible. A distinctive feature of the Aurora series IP cameras is that they are equipped with the latest CMOS sensors with support for the Super Low Lux function.

Today, GeoVision offers a wide range of IP cameras ranging from 1.3 megapixel (resolution 4 times higher than conventional CCTV cameras) and ending with models ...

K-System has implemented a project "Video goal" for HC "White Leopard". The project was implemented in accordance with all rules and requirements of the PHL (Professional Hockey League of Ukraine.) This solution was built on professional equipment of the GeoVision company (Taiwan).

Network IP cameras for video surveillance offer attractive features. However, it is necessary to evaluate several factors before deciding on the type of ip-system being installed. For example, do you want a fully digital ip-system or a hybrid system that combines both analog and digital cameras? Is there enough bandwidth in your network infrastructure and Internet channel for acceptable digital picture quality. Let''''''''s consider all the nuances.

Designing an outdoor video surveillance system that is accurate and cost-effective is a serious challenge for the security industry. However, new technologies are now available that are designed specifically to detect danger and at the same time solve the problem of false alarms.

One of the main choices, the adoption of which is necessary for the modernization of video surveillance systems and security systems in general, is the choice of the right technology. When making this important decision, industry professionals often have to choose between a technology that is in its infancy, but with great potential, and proven technology.

It all depends on the goals that the camera installs, if you need to see a distant or well-enlarged object, it is better to use the lens with the greatest focal length (detailed examination of faces, consideration of the face value of banknotes), if you need to cover the largest possible area, then you need to use the lens with the smallest focal length. Keep in mind that the larger the focal length of the lens, the smaller the camera’s viewing angle and the wider the camera’s viewing angle, the less detailed the image.

According to recent forecasts, smart home device projects that focus on energy efficiency will gain the highest popularity between 2010 and 2017, with a potential of about 150 million systems sold.

This article is a continuation of an article that surveys the Geovision line of cubic cameras. Here we will take a closer look at new series of cubic cameras from Geovision.

Power supplies can be imperceptible, being literally out of sight. However, they play a critical role in the effective functioning of the security system. Choosing the right power supply unit is necessary in order to ensure that the installed system will ensure the achievement of the desired result, and, ultimately, will guarantee high profitability.

On the security market today there is a very large number of different cameras for video surveillance, their classification can vary both from external performance, additional functions, the possibility of performance and the type of work with the video signal. Which camera is best for you?

The use of camcorders depends on the quality of the image they receive. In this regard, when searching for a camera for a security system, it is necessary to opt for a camera with such characteristics that will provide the best result. It is widely believed that the more powerful the increase (zoom), the better the quality of the resulting image. However, this is not always the case.

K-Systems has completed the integration of the latest security system for one of our key customers - Pfizer HCP inc. and Zoetis Ukraine.

The GeoVision GV-CBW120 and GV-CBW220 IP Cameras are a continuation of the cube line of cameras. These two new cameras can offer miniature shapes and almost the same characteristics as their predecessors (GV-CB120 and GV-CB220). However, these cameras can offer something new, namely, wireless functionality (the ability to connect via Wi-Fi).

The growing popularity of IP-video systems in the video surveillance market provides the ability to capture images in high resolution thanks to megapixel cameras. The use of HDTV standards in the consumer video market is becoming more common, the image obtained by this new generation of cameras is called - high-definition video (HD) or megapixel image. Since HD and megapixel resolutions provide high-quality images and have replaced traditional analog video, they are often mistakenly considered identical, but this is not entirely true. Let''''s look at everything more closely

Biometric protection systems are technical devices with the help of which can be established and thoroughly studied the personality or unique characteristics of each person individually, both physical and behavioral, for further recognition and investigation.

The Geovision security platform is a truly integrated platform that seamlessly combines video surveillance, access control and a license plate recognition system in one management platform. It is designed to meet the needs of an IP-oriented environment.

f video surveillance is just a security tool for you, you run the risk of missing out on more security. The truth is that video surveillance is something more than a security tool - one of the tools of smart business.

There is a misconception that a megapixel IP camera is much more expensive than a conventional one. However, in order to correctly evaluate the real value, it is worth taking into account the price not of a separate camera, but of the entire system ...

The introduction of the ONVIF standard is in addition to the existing support for the RTSP and PSIA protocols. With ONVIF protocol support, more than 70 models of GeoVision digital cameras will be available for integration into third-party systems.

With the release of the new firmware, GeoVision provides all of its cameras with these functions to provide higher quality video. Previously, GeoVision digital cameras were already equipped with features such as ...