Magic Monitor: a unified user interface for LenelS2 software products

LenelS2 OnGuard 8.0 software is one of the company's most promising developments. The latest release of the software underscores the company's commitment to delivering user interfaces, reporting tools, maps, and other tools right in the browser.
As all these new features were developed for the OnGuard system, similar work was done with the Magic Monitor client, a centralized control panel for LenelS2 products. The focus of Magic Monitor is on the user experience. It is a platform with a high level of visualization and the most intuitive interface that allows you to integrate the management of access control, video, digital signage and other information in a full-fledged media interface.
The Magic Monitor client has supported the NetBox product line since version 1.0, and following the merger of Lenel and S2 Security, the goal was to integrate the client into the OnGuard system. Magic Monitor 7.4 has achieved this goal for the first time and brought together the NetBox and OnGuard platforms.
The integration includes new support for dynamic overlay, event logs, monitoring, and other popular Magic Monitor features in OnGuard. The dynamic overlay feature allows users to add graphical control tools for digital signage, still-background images, or live video from any supported source. Users can easily control the operation of the doors, for example, simply by clicking on them on a live video stream.
NetBox operators using split systems will find that the number of possible splits per Magic Monitor client has increased. This was one of the most frequent requests from users of large or distributed systems.
The development team is currently finalizing the integration of LenelS2's NetBox Global platform into the Magic Monitor user interface, making the company's three major software platforms available in a single interface.
In 2021, the results of developments regarding new functions of Magic Monitor are due to be released, including those related to improvements in camera resolution, threat level management, further improvements to dynamic overlay, etc.
We can say that 2021 should be productive and will definitely not disappoint with the release of new features of LenelS2 software products.
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