Geovision released a new version of GV System 8.5.9

Geovision released a new version of software for GV-NVR 8.5.9 (Download)

GV-Surveillance – is an integrated system based on hardware and software technologies, which is the core of the Geovision security system. It provides all the needs for video surveillance and various functions of video analytics and meets all modern standards. It is a scalable, extensible platform that can be adapted and fully integrated with third-party applications and hardware solutions, such as:
  • POS / ATM / EAS to prevent losses in trade / production
  • ACS to automate access in buildings and time tracking
  • LPR (license plate recognition system) for creating safe city systems, parking automation, etc.
  • Megapixel IP cameras for implementing high-quality video surveillance
  • Analogue cameras
  • Central monitoring stations for global monitoring of distributed objects including all of the above
In addition, convenient software and remote access from a browser allow you to apply this solution even on small objects, such as private homes or offices.
New features:
WebCam Server
  • Supports Internet Explorer 11
  • Supports GV-Recording Server (1.2.3 version and higher)
Main System
  • Supports GV-Joystick V2.
  • Supports new POS InfoGenesis
  • Supports cameras: 
GeoVision GV-BL2500/2510, GV-BX2500, GV-FD2500/2510, GV-MFD2501, GV-VD1530/1540/2430
/2440/2500/2530/2540/3430/3440/5340, GV-UBL2511, GV-EBX1100 , GV-EBL1100 and GV-EFD1100
Avigilon 1.0-H3M-DO1 (using ONVIF)
Main system:
  • When viewing GV-Fisheye cameras, a spherical view may be hidden in the lower right corner .
  • Sharpness adjustment (for GV-Combo B cards users)
  • Recording parameters for the spherical view of the Fisheye cameras, options were added: 1280 x 720, 1920 x 1080
  • Correct operation of sound transmission in DMMultiView if audio recording of more than 10 channels is enabled
  • POS Text Sender: Automatically connect to the system when using GV-System autostart with Windows
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