New version of Access Control software - GV-ASManager v.6

GeoVision Inc., a global provider of security and building automation equipment, as well as a variety of software solutions in the field of highly intelligent video analytics based on neural networks, has carried out a global update of its GV-ASManager (ASM) access control system.


Following the global update of its software for security systems centralizing and analytics GV-Control Center v.4, GeoVision has released a major update of the main software for distributed access control systems - GV-ASManager v.6.


The new version of GV-ASManager also received a significantly redesigned graphical interface and many new features not previously available in the system.

The most important features:


1. Administered ACS Data Groups.


The new version of ASM allows you to separate all devices and personal information into different data groups, which allows one ASM to manage hundreds of thousands of users and thousands of geographically distributed devices. At the same time, system operators will see and administer information about users and devices only for the data group intended for them.

2. Remote Face enrollment with GV-FR Panel.


ASM now allows facial biometrics to be registered directly from the GV-FR Panel. Thanks to this, the ASM Operator can now register facial biometrics in one click, even being thousands of kilometers away from the device, and then in one click automatically distribute this data to their remote offices by assigning access rights to them.


3. New alert notifications


Completely redesigned alarm notifications now allow you to configure the automatic sending of alarm notifications only at scheduled times.

In addition to the previous functionality of sending alarm notifications via SMS, E-Mail, Digital output, the ability to send push up notifications to applications on smartphones, send a regulated report and launch an executable file of a third-party application has been added.


4. Auto deactivation of inactive IDs. (Map, Fingerprint, Face, Iris, Palm Vein Pattern, Auto).


In the new version of ASM, in addition to the standard function of deactivating an identifier according to a previously set schedule, new function has been added to automatically deactivate an ID that has not been marked in the system for more than a specified number of days.


5. Events of interaction with a third-party database in the System Log.


When working with third-party ERP, CRM, BI systems and databases, the ASM database now records connection, successful synchronization, or synchronization failure.


6. Multilingual access to ASWeb for global companies


Для удобства работы в мультинациональных командах, в новой версии ASWeb появилась возможность выбирать язык пользовательского интерфейса для каждого отдельного Оператора ASWeb вне зависимости от установленного языка на стороне ASManager.


7. New VMWeb features.


Completely redesigned Visitor Portal provides quick and easy visitor management, reducing the burden on administrators.


A lot of minor updates to the functionality and technologies for data transfer and encryption have also been added.