New Geovision trends and products for 2023

GeoVision Inc., a provider of corporate solutions for security and building automation, has released a number of updates, a roadmap and a catalog for 2023, some of these updates have been released specifically for Ukraine. Further details:


1. Ukrainian software localization.


Back in 2021, GeoVision added Ukrainian localization to one of its key products, access control software - GV-ASManager. At the beginning of this year, Ukrainian localization appeared in other GeoVision products such as: GV-VMS, GV-AIGuard, GV-ERM, GV-Control Center. The company states that it will continue to update, improve and adapt its software for the Ukrainian market.


2. Cloud solutions for people and businesses.



GeoVision has launched a new direction - cloud security. New solutions aimed at end-users and small businesses allow you to get all the benefits of using GeoVision solutions, such as video surveillance, access control, AI analytics, without purchasing servers and software. The new line of video surveillance cameras and ACS controllers connect directly to the GeoVision cloud and allow you to receive all the necessary information, as well as administer the system using a web browser from any computer, smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world. To integrate third-party equipment, GeoVision has released a special Bridge (GV-Bridge) that allows you to connect your equipment to the cloud. The system works by subscription.


3. Updates and new software solutions.


GV-AIGuard (Advanced video analytics software based on neural networks).

New features added:

  • Recognition of numbers of sea containers and wagons.
  • Fire and smoke detection
  • Counting people or vehicles in zones
  • Determination of the average speed of traffic between points


GV-FR Server & GV-AI Server (Face recognition and smart analytics software for retail)

  • Support for special AI analytics accelerator cards to increase the number of channels processed by one server.


GV-ERM (Remote video viewing and monitoring software)

New features added:


  • AI video analytics events from downstream equipment (AI-Guard, VMS, AI cameras, AI thermal imagers) are now displayed on real-time video, archive and event log.
  • Added support for up to 4 monitors
  • Added support for simultaneous viewing of up to 128 channels.


GV-Control Center (Software for centralization and dispatching of all GeoVision solutions)


New features added:

  • AI video analytics events from downstream equipment (AI-Guard, VMS, AI cameras, AI thermal imagers) are now displayed on real-time video, archive and event log.
  • Support for SIP devices for two-way communication (IP phones, IP speakers, IP speakers, IP intercoms, soft phones).
  • Live video streaming from smartphones and bodycams.
  • Adding two photovideos to the event log received from the ACS (GV-ASManager).


GV-Enterprise (Software for centralized administration of a large number of distributed systems).  In Beta-testing.


New features added:


  • Support management and automatic distribution of redundant and redundant storage servers.

Adding a web interface for remote management of multiple system administrators through a web browser.


4. New products and solutions for video surveillance and access control.



  • Added new readers supporting OSDP protocol
  • Added new readers supporting DESFire EV2 cards
  • Added PIN Reader with dynamic keyboard
  • Some controllers received support for the ONVIF protocol profile C


  • Added a new line of panoramic cameras with a viewing angle of 180°
  • Added a new line of multi-sensor cameras
  • Added a new line of pinhole cameras
  • A new line of AI cameras has been added.​



  • Added a new series of POE network devices for notification (Outdoor IP Speaker, Aluminum IP Speaker, Ceiling IP Dish)​