Solutions for digitalization of car parking management


Like other industries, parking management is facing new challenges with new restrictions and anti-epidemic measures. While the industry is struggling to return to business as usual after the pandemic, some have chosen to use this opportunity to combine this process with the transition from traditional analog and physical control systems to solutions for digitalizing parking management processes and providing contactless control.


Parking management digitalization


One of the obvious solutions in this regard is investing in digital tools, such as computer vision platforms, to improve control over the occupancy of parking spaces, to move away from paper coupons, barriers and other traditional physical security elements in commercial parking lots.


One of the most promising areas is the installation of smart cameras that are capable of performing various operations “on board” - from license plate recognition (LPR) to traffic flow detection. These capabilities are especially suitable for ground and parking lots at airports, sports stadiums, large shopping malls and corporate offices.



Vehicle routing with smart tools


Reducing the number or completely eliminating barriers and machines for issuing tickets can positively affect personnel costs in the framework of parking management, as well as significantly reduce the cost of purchasing and maintaining equipment. In addition to this, cameras equipped with parking management applications allow you to monitor traffic, analyze vehicle waiting lines and assign an available parking space for each vehicle or report their absence. They also allow you to monitor traffic during peak hours to prevent traffic jams and long queues at no exits, recognize VIP clients and guide them to a suitable parking space.


Parking monitoring and event detection


Smart cameras also allow you to control people, providing useful security and visitor management features. Crowd detection tools detect crowd formation in sports stadium parking areas before such gatherings escalate into post-game brawls, while people counting tools count the number of people in each vehicle to better predict expected event attendance or daily corporate office attendance. Analytics tools also allow for the detection of individuals with weapons and selective transmission of associated images to help operators and security personnel assess and respond to the situation.


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