New GV-Control Center V4.0 - Unified System for Your Security Systems Management

GeoVision has released a new version of GV-Control Center v.4.0, which has a completely new, intuitive graphical interface. This has greatly improved the user-friendliness in management. This GUI retains the individual GeoVision graphic design code and matches the designs of other GeoVision products such as GV-VMS, GV-AI Guard, and GV-Edge Recording Manager. This, in turn, made it possible to completely unify the management of various GeoVision systems and transfer the previous user experience of consumers to the new solution, without unnecessary effort.


GV-Control Center is an integrated security ecosystem management software that serves as a centralized monitoring and control station. GV-Control Center is a comprehensive solution for managing and monitoring systems - video surveillance, access control, license plate recognition, face recognition, smart video analytics, IO device automation, perimeter protection. Using the GV-Control Center allows you to control and administer a vast array of geographically distributed security systems.


GV-Control Center - overview of system capabilities.


In addition to fundamental changes in the GUI, the new version of GV-Control Center V4.0 has significantly expanded its functionality, there are special viewing windows - Face Recognition (FR) Watch and ASManager View, which allow monitoring events of face recognition, access control and license plate recognition (LPR) in a single system. The new version also includes data on AI events (video analytics) obtained from GV-VMS software and GeoVision cameras with AI tools, etc. 


New features:

  • Managing face recognition systems
  • Search by faces on distributed servers
  • Integration of executed I/O devices panel
  • Access control systems integration
  • Support for SIP devices
  • Support for Fisheye and VR cameras and templates
  • Support for sentralized management 
  • Support and managing PTZ
  • Support for remote desktops
  • Support for remote monitors  (GV-Decoder Box)
  • Video wall support
  • VMD pop-up event screen
  • Timeline search
  • Timeline playback
  • Immideate playback
  • Archive search by alarm events
  • Streaming video from smartphones
  • 3D multilayered map
  • Extended system log
  • Audio multibroadcusting
  • AES encription
  • 2-way audio
  • Downstream equipment monitoring

Centralized security management


GeoVision's Control Center is designed for users of corporate systems. It allows you to combine various systems into one, which saves human resources and budgets, and also significantly increases the efficiency of monitoring and administration


Face management


It is a face database manager that a company can use to manage employee and visitor information across distributed sites.

GV-Control Center allows centralized management individuals on remote servers and allows: 

  • Face recognition management
  • Group adding faces
  • Face enrollment from streaming


Monitoring and management windows.


The main view window allows the operator to simultaneously monitor up to 100 cameras on a single screen from multiple remote hosts. Operator can remotely change the status and surveillance properties of each camera.


  Group adding cameras                      Creating priority groups


Manading I/O distributed hosts             Extended system log


Access control


The GV-Control Center also allows you to manage and monitor a variety of GV-ASManager distributed access control systems


3D-map integration
Integration of various events from GV-VMS servers into GV-Control Center allows visualization of various events using multi-level 3D Object Maps.

Video wall for security systems


With the help of a video wall, you can create a single video canvas with an unlimited number of cameras, on a large number of screens, which greatly simplifies the viewing and administration of video systems. With Control Center, you can remotely configure and manage up to 200 video walls, each with a different layout.


GV-IP Decoder Box for remote screens
The GV-Control Center can use the GV-Decoder Box to assign different IP cameras to display. This allows you to create remote managed monitors for observation.







VMD monitoring

With the VMD function, the operator receives a video notification via a live video pop-up window when any of the following events occur: motion, temperature alarm, IO input trigger, video analytics events.
Configuring pop-up notifications from different hosts
Visual alerts to get immediate attention 



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