Face recoginition system


The system of people recognition by facial features is being introduced today.

After numerous tests and training the system using artificial neural networks, GeoVision has released several solutions for automatic face recognition. These solutions are among the first on the market, and the deep integration of software and hardware solutions of this vendor allows you to build truly impressive automated systems without human intervention.


At IFSEC International 2019 (London), several hardware and software facial recognition solutions were presented, which allow to build systems that perform various types of tasks and increase the level of security, depth of analysis of visitors and clients, and therefore reduce costs, risk levels, and also carry out truly targeted marketing campaigns with targeted advertising.


One of these solutions was made by the new cameras in the Smart series of this producer, namely, cameras with built-in face recognition onboard the GV-VD8700 / GV-FD8700-FR.


The high-performance Snapdragon processor provides the ability to process an image with a resolution of 4K at a speed of 30 frames per second and simultaneously conduct recognition of up to 8 faces per second in real time. The face recognition system was developed and built on the principle of artificial neural networks and was trained on the database of over a million faces, which allows for 99.8% recognition accuracy.


At the same time, the database of persons is located on the built-in memory cards of the cameras, which allows locally storing over 10,000 persons and synchronizing the database among themselves within one given cluster. Thanks to the available SDK packages (Android SDK, NDK, AndroVideo SDK) software developers can easily integrate these devices into their solutions and platforms.


The smart infrared illumination system, the IP67 weather protection class and the IK10 vandal-protection class, the built-in waterproof microphone makes this camera possible to place in outdoor conditions.


Of course, GeoVision has not forgotten about its underlying software platforms. This camera is already integrated into its solutions for GV-VMS video surveillance systems, access control and GV-ASManager time tracking, which allows expanding the database and finding fantastic applications for the functionality of these cameras.


 At the moment, it is already possible to implement such solutions as:


  • Face recognition and automatic notification of responsible personnel.
  • Search for wanted persons.
  • Search for a person by the archive of the video surveillance system.
  • Automatic plotting of a person’s route on a 3D object / territory map.
  • Automation of production processes when access is only authorized operators.
  • Automatic contactless access control systems and time tracking.
  • Creation of multi-level access groups using facial and face biometric data mapping, maps, car numbers.
  • Gradation of visitors on various grounds
  • Targeted advertising campaigns targeted at a specific target audience or group etc.


Our engineers have already implemented several projects using this solution. We can tell you more about it.

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