GeoVision has released GV-VMS 18.1

Geovision, a leading provider of professional video management systems and integrated security solutions, as well as the first provider of face recognition cameras in Taiwan, is taking another step. The latest GV-VMS 18.1 has got advanced features for its face recognition devices to create a single smart video surveillance system.
Due to compatibility with all types of cameras, including mobile phone cameras, security system operators using GV-VMS 18.1 can easily make a traditional video surveillance system using AI capabilities based on just one face recognition device.
When identifying important customers or unauthorized visitors in commercial and corporate networks, GV-VMS 18.1 will help you receive instant answers through an automated notification system, such as messages to operators on your mobile phone.
In case of suspicious events, especially in hidden places, the additional capabilities of GV-VMS 18.1 for streaming and recording data from mobile phone cameras allow security personnel to receive images from the scene when images cannot be obtained using other devices.
In cases where the criminal suspect has already left the scene, GV-VMS 18.1 can help investigators track the suspect’s face using all of the detection and recognition devices within the access range.
One of the other most popular features of the GV-VMS 18.1 during the initial testing and demo tests after searching for faces and compatibility with mobile phones was the integration with access control systems based on face recognition. This feature changes the basis of access control, replacing card scanning with face scanning to automatically unlock doors when authorized users are detected.
The GV-VMS 18.1 system supports connection with all types of video devices - from conventional cameras to mobile phone cameras, as well as integration with AI-based face recognition devices. This makes the GV-VMS 18.1 the perfect solution for video management in a fast-paced urban environment.