GeoVision releases twice as powerful GV-Recording Server

One of the leading providers of video surveillance and video management solutions, GeoVision continues to delight its users. GeoVision has not only doubled the capacity of one of its most popular products, the GV-Recording Server, from 128-channel recording and 300-channel streaming to 128-channel recording and 600-channel streaming in version 2.0.
The company has also added a number of new features, including support for remote access via the GV-Eye with QR code, dual stream recording, and more. Using the QR code in GV-Eye version 2.7 and above allows security managers and / or employees to remotely access The GV-Recording Server and its video streams from any Android / iOS mobile device while on the road or on patrols. This model of operation provides more flexibility in monitoring. The ability to simultaneously record from the main and secondary streams allows authorized users to play back specific events, while switching between high and low quality images for smooth playback even with limited network bandwidth.
The latest version of GV-Recording Server is also capable of synchronizing local SD card recordings from GeoVision digital devices and ONVIF G devices after temporarily disconnecting the connection. The GV-Recording Server 2.0 also supports AES encryption for both inbound and outbound video streams.
With its doubled capabilities and the latest features, the new GV-Recording Server solidifies its status as a superior video surveillance solution to meet the diverse business needs of today's era.