K-Systems has implemented a project Video Goal for HC Belyi Bars

"Video goal" system for HC "White Leopard" on GeoVision's  HD-SDI equipment.


K-System has implemented a project "Video goal" for HC "White Leopard". The project was implemented in accordance with all rules and requirements of the PHL (Professional Hockey League of Ukraine.) This solution was built on professional equipment of the GeoVision company (Taiwan).

In order for the final result to fully comply with the requirements and regulations, it was decided to use HD-SDI equipment from GeoVision, which allowed us to achieve the highest quality pictures (720p) and at the same time get picture dynamics of 60 frames per second. This is very important when analyzing dynamic scenes and makes it easy to resolve contentious issues when scoring.

It is recommended to set the maximum permissible video resolution.

The system consists of 4 HD-SDI cameras (GV-SDI-BX100), which are located above and behind the gates at a certain angle. The camera data is generated by an uncompressed digital video stream, which is processed and encoded on the receiving equipment. The system operator receives a live video image, and can also quickly view the last 5/10/30/60 seconds of recording or any interval of the match.

Professional referees concluded that at the moment, this system is one of the best in Ukraine.

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