Accurate and cost effective outdoor video surveillance

Precise and cost-effective outdoor video surveillance


Designing an outdoor video surveillance system that is accurate and cost-effective is a serious challenge for the security industry. However, new technologies are now available that are designed specifically to detect danger and at the same time solve the problem of false alarms.


Recent advances in research related to camera sensitivity, along with the development of digital video processing technologies, provide more accurate and surprisingly more affordable outdoor video surveillance solutions. With the right approach, you can achieve not only productivity growth, but also cheaper projects by more than 50%.


Elimination of false alarms


The key to reducing the cost of outdoor video surveillance is directly related to technology that provides both accuracy and an increase in the operating range. Creating smart and effective outdoor video surveillance requires ip cameras using onboard image processing. Unlike internal video surveillance, which is designed to work with a static environment, the outdoor is forced to face a constantly changing environment. Cameras mounted high can begin to sway due to any wind or vibration, which will cause the image to move. Falling leaves create the appearance of intrusion, if the appropriate video processing technologies are not used. Add snow, rain, humidity and dust: such a dynamic environment will create chaos and confusion when analyzing the video.


In the past, when internal video surveillance solutions were mistakenly used for outdoor, this led to so many false alarms that there was a need to completely reconfigure the system. However, the result of such a reconfiguration was a significant decrease in the viewing angle and detection accuracy, which led to a loss of confidence in such systems.

IP Cameras with advanced image processing and analysis capabilities.


Providing significant computing power to IP cameras is key to overcoming the challenges of an ever-changing environment, making video surveillance accurate and cost-effective. This makes it possible to fully analyze the detail of each frame, eliminating interference that could cause a false alarm. This is achieved due to the high-quality on-board processing, which is the first important step on the road to accuracy and reliability. Such processing stabilizes the image in order to avoid its movement as a source of false information.


There is a direct economic benefit: processing the same image that an outdoor IP video surveillance system provides will expand the viewing angle and camera coverage. Due to this, infrastructure costs can be seriously reduced.


Equally important is the fact that the work of personnel who no longer need to respond to false alarms becomes more efficient.