New GV-FR Panel face recognition reader for contactless identification

With efforts to combat the spread of COVID-19 and other diseases, contactless identification is emerging as a new trend in access control. The new GV-FR Panel Facial Recognition Reader meets new requirements for limiting physical contact — in particular with keyboards or fingerprint sensors traditionally used for access control. The GV-FR Panel thus provides a contactless access and attendance control solution. Equipped with an 8-inch touchscreen with 800 x 1280 HD resolution, the GV-FR Panel Reader provides high quality images and real-time face recognition. It grants or denies access based on facial recognition data.

The GV-FR Panel is capable of performing not only face recognition but also other types of contactless identification and authentication when connected to GeoVision access control systems. This solution is also capable of performing two-factor authentication where an increased level of security is required, providing access only when the person and the read access card have been verified. The GV-FR Panel also supports QR code identification from visitors' mobile devices provided by the GV-ASManager Visitor Management System.
With a built-in infrared camera, the GV-FR Panel detects changes in the environment and activates the LED light to recognize faces even in the dark.
The GV-FR Panel is capable of instantly recognizing faces and storing data of 10,000 faces, 10,000 access cards and 30,000 event records, more than enough for access control in small and medium-sized enterprises.
The GV-FR Panel can also be integrated into any third party access control system using Wiegand, or it can be used stand-alone with a simple door lock connection to upgrade traditional access control systems to a modern and secure system.
Moreover, to improve the efficiency and security of facility management, the function of sending push notifications has been implemented, which are sent to the GV-Face mobile app every time the device reads, identifies a face or detects an unauthorized user.
This device is ideal for zone control in food processing, healthcare, construction sites or other facilities that require contactless door and attendance control. GV-FR Panel brings new experience and confidence with increased security.