Geovision Video Wall - a solution for professionals


Geovision Video Wall - a solution for professional videowalls.

Creating and building a professional video wall for a video surveillance system has never been so simple. Geovision has proposed a professional solution for building a video wall for a video surveillance system. One of the advantages of this system is that the software runs on standard graphics cards, without the need to integrate additional equipment into the system. GV-Video Wall is an application to existing software - GV Control Center and GV Main system (software for centralized management of ip-cameras).



This software is relatively easy to manage, here are some of its features:

Easy to create:


  •  In order to create the desired layout, just drag the image onto the monitor you are interested in
  •  Auto scan network function to detect installed ip-cameras
  •  Several standard layouts of the location of cameras for operational management
  •  Intuitive user interface that allows you to position, scale, change resolution, share the video channel on multiple monitors.

Convenient to view:


  •  The system allows zooming at the same time up to 16 channels, providing the operator with a detailed image, on request.
  •  Channel rotation


Flexible management:


  •  Display and control up to 288 video streams from IP cameras
  •  Manage 200 GV-Video Wall Servers
  •  It works on standard PCs and graphic cards, without additional equipment
  •  Integrates with Geovision DVR / NVR to display additional applications, such as e-map, alarm system.


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