GeoVision has announces Super Low Lux series

GeoVision has announced a new series of IP video cameras called Aurora.

Innovative developments in the field of video surveillance made it possible to introduce into IP-cameras what until recently seemed impossible. A distinctive feature of the Aurora series IP cameras is that they are equipped with the latest CMOS sensors with support for the Super Low Lux function. Thanks to them, these cameras can broadcast and record video under lighting conditions of 0.01 lux (lighting at a quarter of the moon) in full color, at a speed of 30 frames per second.


In order to fully appreciate the image quality, set the maximum allowable resolution.


Until recently, all CCTV cameras at night could offer only a black and white image, and in most cases only when using infrared illumination. Now everyone can get a high-quality HD image in color, even with minimal lighting, which will make it possible to detect the color of the car or clothing of the object you are interested in even at night.


Aurora series IP cameras are announced in every Geovision camera line, but so far it is known for certain that they will definitely be in the line of body cameras – BX1500, series of dome cameras - MFD1501 and in the line of frost-resistant cameras– BX1500-E. To date, cameras with a resolution of 1.3 megapixels (HD) have been announced.


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