Surveillance systems - a tool for smart business


If video surveillance is just a security tool for you, then you risk missing out on its wider possibilities. The truth is that video surveillance is more than a security tool, it is one of the tools of smart business. Modern advances in the management of video systems, including advanced technologies for processing and analyzing video material, open up great opportunities for companies to use such systems in order to achieve business growth and increase profitability.

The possibilities of using video surveillance are far beyond the usual goals of the security industry. For example, video surveillance can help with the control of the work process, with personnel management, inventory, quality control, customer service or merchandising. The video is able to determine the most effective working day schedule for staff. It can simplify the production process with fault alerts. In conjunction with access control systems, a security system can distribute personnel rights to access production facilities, keep track of working hours, identify unscrupulous personnel, personnel with low labor productivity, and much more. By integrating with analytics systems, video surveillance can even reduce energy costs, for example, by ensuring that the air conditioner turns on only when a certain number of people are in the room.

Vertical market opportunities

In the world of digital systems, video is information whose value is unprecedented. Users can observe the production process, monitor distant objects, or even monitor animal migrations as part of a scientific study. Video surveillance software provides remote monitoring of any place, even using a mobile device. Video control systems convert video information into a user-accessible format. Similar solutions can work alone or integrate with other systems.

In fact, there are unlimited vertical markets where video opportunities go beyond the security industry. Features:


Digital cameras can be deployed throughout the campus and help the administration monitor discipline or monitor the use of educational institution property. They will also help control the flow of students during the holidays, parents bringing their children, etc. In case of technical malfunctions, there is the possibility of a preliminary remote analysis of the problem from the central office, before the arrival of the masters.

Transportation industry

Video systems can be extremely useful for the transportation industry. For example, they are able to provide real-time monitoring of the payment of tolls, staff, and better customer service. Cameras installed along the highway will help:



- monitor traffic congestion using one software,
- track the stolen vehicles and, when identified, send a signal to law enforcement agencies,
- cameras installed in the parking lot can take into account the number of vehicles and open access to it only if there are empty seats,
- cameras installed in vehicles can show realtime video from a moving vehicle, show its route, fuel consumption and much more.

You can’t do without the use of video systems in ports and airports.

Public security

Video surveillance is extremely useful for preventing criminal activities, it can be of great benefit to society. The presence of cameras can turn gangster areas into centers of commerce, abandoned parks in safe places for adults and children. Cameras located in offices, schools or other institutions can be integrated into security systems that allow law enforcement agencies to monitor emergency incidents. Invaluable benefits can be derived from video surveillance in controlling masses of people during special events, for example, determining where the police presence is most needed.


Through the network, you can access the image from any camera anywhere in the health care facility. The hospital administration can monitor what is happening in real time. Moreover, this can be monitored remotely using mobile devices.


Without denying the obvious benefits of video surveillance in guarding and preventing theft, it should be noted that it also allows you to:

- to work out the most effective working day schedule, based on the highest workload of the store,
- establish a record of the number of visitors, which will allow you to analyze (based on the total number of store visitors per sale) which staff is actively selling and which should be replaced.

By analyzing the video, you can notice the habits of customers and use them for your business.