GeoVision Unveils First IP Cameras To Pass Cybersecurity Certification

GeoVision's Cybersecurity Efforts: First to Pass Taiwan TAICS Certification


GeoVision, one of the leading manufacturers of security and enterprise automation systems, has presented TAICS-certified IP cameras at the International Forum for Information and Communication Standardization. The company became the first organization to receive this certification in the security sector.
TAICS stands for Taiwan Association of Information and Communication Standards and is a government-backed non-profit organization standard that sets ICT standards for Taiwan's government and business. Certification according to the TAICS IP camera safety standard is voluntary and complies with international standards.
With the growing number of vulnerabilities and growing concerns about cybersecurity issues in enterprise security, GeoVision has been actively working to improve its encryption settings to provide enhanced cybersecurity. Confirming compliance with the security standard for video surveillance systems, GeoVision is the first security company to receive this certification in Taiwan.
The Forum is hosted by TAICS and its European counterpart ETSI (abbreviated for European Telecommunication Standards Institute) with the aim of bringing together opinion leaders from different industries and technologies for a joint industry discussion on cybersecurity. GeoVision demonstrated at the forum certified models used in Industry 4.0 for video image analysis, as well as in retail for face, age and gender recognition, for consumer preference analysis. Certified cameras are also used for access control systems with face recognition, where an increased level of security is very important in comparison with classic access using conventional cards.