Newfound collaboration between HR and security departments

The security industry is at a critical juncture. The processes of digital transformation and the integration of information security with the physical have accelerated under the pressure of the pandemic. Security, HR and IT departments are forced to work together to create strategies to get the business back on track.
The human side of security
Human Resources and Security are collaborating to enable businesses to respond to new challenges in the COVID-19 pandemic. More importantly, such collaboration builds trust among workers in enterprises.
The collaboration of human resources and security departments is showing remarkable results. This approach leads to a new focus on employee health, safety and wellbeing. This attention gives employees a sense of involvement and partnership with their employer.
Digital transformation
For a long time, enterprises have been striving to achieve interaction between various departments, but this was usually achieved with difficulty. With the adoption of cloud technologies and open operating platforms in the enterprise, it has become much easier to integrate workflows for security, human resources and other departments.
New transition
HR departments are now the driving force behind transformation. In a pandemic, they are required to ensure the safety of people, control cases of infection and support the operation of the enterprise.
Managing people and workspace has become especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses can now focus solely on employee identity and skills, linking their management into a single automated process. By knowing where certain employees are at any given time, HR departments have the ability to remind employees of existing safety rules and promote safe practices.
Leveraging investments in existing technologies
Most companies are already using HR software. However, many do not know that this software can be integrated into existing security platforms. This integration can further increase the return on investment already made. HR systems integrate perfectly with Visitor Management systems and the Physical Access Control System (PACS) and further enhance security.
Next steps
Organizations are no longer wondering if they need a digital transformation - it now comes down to the question of how quickly they can achieve it. Companies that digitized their workflows even before the COVID-19 pandemic have shown greater resilience than others and are now reaping the benefits of their forward-looking policies.
Communication between security teams is critical, both from a business and technology perspective. The result of this interaction is the emergence of a new emphasis on people and their safety in the workplace. This humane approach to security is perhaps exactly what many organizations lacked.