GV-AI System for deploying AI-based software solutions


Following the GV-AI FR software solution, the first full-fledged AI system, the GV-AI System, was released. It is a versatile AI video analytics and face recognition system deployed on powerful computer systems with preinstalled AI software solutions such as GV-AI FR (for face recognition) or GV-AI Server (for video analytics). This system allows users to avoid the problems associated with preparing their own PCs for the necessary software. GV-AI System is a convenient solution for solving all the necessary tasks for AI control in any manufacturing or commercial enterprise.
Powered by the latest Intel Core processor, the GV-AI System delivers improved performance and instant video analytics results, as well as access to other AI-powered features.
The GV-AI System has four graphics outputs (HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI-D and VGA) and is capable of delivering high quality images on 3 monitors simultaneously. To provide the necessary space for storing databases and records, the system is equipped with a 2-block rack for installing two 3.5 "HDD and one 2.5" HDD.
The GV-AI System is specially designed for AI software to provide the high performance and accuracy required by GV-AI FR (Face Recognition Software) for motion detection and analysis, as well as for detecting large numbers of visitors. The GV-AI System also significantly reduces the likelihood of misidentification by distinguishing between inanimate objects and printed photographs from real objects.
While the GV-AI Server (video analytics software) contains a large number of AI-based video analytics functions, the GV-AI System provides the ability to analyze a large number of recognition targets and highly complex situations. In addition to face recognition and real-time tracking, the system also enables merchants to quickly and accurately analyze visitor traffic, queue times, inventory, and detect unwanted activity. The GV-AI System enables merchants, both small and large, to perform crowd control and inventory management without the need for additional staff.