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Security of the perimeter and alarm systems


Perimeter of the object is a place where your company’s security has to begin. The main purpose of the perimeter protection is providing of object safety, exclusion or notification on illegal penetration into the object. Complex systems of the perimeter security allows not only protect the object of the violator penetration (by setup of engineering security systems) but also signal about penetration if it was happened (by setup of alarm system).


Engineering systems of perimeters security allow:  
  • Provide conditions on violators arrest
  • Detain violator till the time of security reaction
  • Prevent illegal removal of property from the object
  • Inform on an attempt of penetration into the object
Our company provides the vide list of services of perimeter security and alarm:

  • Designing of perimeter security
  • Assembly of the perimeter security
  • Assembly of technological systems of perimeter security (infrared detector of movement, radial detector of movement, signal cable)
  • Assembly of engineering security systems (fences, gates, barriers, turnstiles, barbed wire, obstacles)
  • Connection of alarm systems to the security post
  • Service and maintenance of parameter security system
  • Installation of alarm (sensors of movement, sensors of glass crash, sensors of smoke)