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Access Control Systems 

Access Control Systems (ACS) are professional is a professional hardware and software complex for effective control of movement and access to certain rooms at the facility. ACS allow not only to restrict access, but also to identify personnel who have entered the territory. Also, modern systems allow you to record employee time and integrate the data with various third-party programs and applications (for example, 1C or Telegram).


Our company provides full range of services related to access control systems:

  • Designing access control systems
  • Assembly and installation of access control systems
  • Creating distributed access control system
  • Integrating ACS with third-party programms, application and automation
  • Implementing staff time tracking system
  • Organizing automatic parking systems
  • Installation of barriers for ACS (turnstiles, electromechanical locks, barriers, bollards)
  • Providing Access Control for Elevators (access to building floors depending on access rights)
  • Dispatching buildings and creating control centers
  • Service maintenance of access control systems



Modern access control and time tracking systems have stepped forward a long time ago and include holistic solutions for integrated facility management that not only allow or prohibit people from accessing the premises, but also have a number of other features:



Access control systems are divided into following categories depending on type of rights holder and integration level:


  • Contact Access Control Systems (keys, PIN-codes etc.)
  • Contactless access control systems (NFC-tags, RFID cards, QR-codes etc.)
  • Contactless long range systems (long range NFC-tags)
  • Biometric access control systems (access based on fingerprints, face recognition, gender, age etc.)
  • Smart license plate recognition systems LPR (automatic access based on license plate recognition)
  • Standalone access control systems
  • Scalable distributed access control systems


Multilevel administration Supports Web-interface and mobile applications,,orking time tracking and creating reports, Centralized management of remote buildings, Visualization ACS with 3D-maps,Real-time monitoring and tracking, Events notification and regulated reporting, Integration with VMSLPRPOSFire, Managing emergency situations, Integration with third-party equipment, Supports different Access DB SQL databases, Integration with face recognition systems, Supports guest access with QR-codes, EMPLOYEES WORKING TIME TRACKING AND CREATING REPORTS, Our decisions for working time tracking allow employer,  to solve different tasks regarding employees management precisely and effectively, Employees working time tracking, Sick leaves and absence accounting, Allocations management, Overtime working tracking, Working shifts scheduling, Photo and video verification to protect against forgery, Automatic detailed reporting for specified periods, Integration with third-party application and programs (1С, Bitrix etc.)