The company's services

Guard services in Ukraine

In spite of modern technical decisions in security systems, it is still difficult to rely fully on electronics. The combination of technical facilities and physical control of the territory will be optimal. The presence of security personal gives the possibility promptly inform and react on events at the object. In addition, security personal provides constraint: suppress illegal removal of property, access undesirable persons to the object.


Our company represents the full list of security services:

  • Guard of dwelling objects
  • Guard of sale objects
  • Guard of production objects
  • Guard of measures
  • Installation of yesily, nightly and round-the-clock security posts
  • Installation of access control stations 
  • Watch guard

Kristal LLC provides professional security services and has many years of successful work at the territory of Ukraine. We provide services of physical guard of property and economic entities at the territory of Ukraine. We provide the security services on the bases of Ministry of Internal Affairs’ License No. 507374 of December 28, 2009.