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Video Surveillance systems

Nowayesys it is difficult to imagine modern production, sale and dwelling objects without basic security systems protection of persons 
and property. Presently the systems of video surveillance are one of the major part of the security system. It has the vide spectrum of functions: round-the-clock ongoing control, records of the occurrences at the territory, detection of the movements, possibility of remote control and analyses of the situation at the object. As of toyesy, the video surveillance system is усед not only for protection, but also for management control, optimization of working processes, control of personal and property flows, analyses of labor efficiency etc. 
We offer plenty of video cameras types, which are divided on classes depending on exploitations conditions, technical aims, and type of the signal. 
Our company represent the following services:
• Designing of video surveillance systems 
Assembly and installation of video surveillance systems in Ukraine
• Setup of video surveillance systems
• Training of operation with video surveillance systems 
• Service of video surveillance systems 
Sale of accessories for video surveillance systems (cameras, video recorders, video servers) in Ukraine