With the increasing focus of many businesses on the safety and health of their employees, there is a growing demand for completely non-contact access control systems that avoid contact of dozens of employees with the surface of access control readers and eliminate the associated health risks. Equipment manufacturers began to offer their own solutions for 100% contactless access control. Among them is the Korean CrucialTrak, which has prepared a unique solution for completely contactless four-factor authentication, including the use of unprecedented palm vein recognition technology.

Access control systems with face recognition are highly efficient, reliable and increase the security of your enterprises. The active implementation of such solutions today is due to a number of advantages of access control systems for face recognition over traditional card access systems. This solution will provide ample opportunities for safe and efficient access control and time tracking.

Nowadays the system of visitors calculation is an issue of current importance for the sale system. Thanks to analyses of information due to personal flows, time of rush hours and gender analyses of visitors, working time of personal could be flexibly tuned in, the most effective sale policy could be prepared etc. Besides, it gives the opportunity to understand whether the advertising is effective. The Company "Geovision" has worked at this area during a long period. Its results were represented by intellectual video analytics that allow accounting of visitors quantity, calculation of persons and identification of visitor’s gender by standard system of video surveillance GV-NVR and IP-camers GeoVision.

Safety of your private house is essential because of plenty reasons. Of course, the majority of people treats the home security system firstly as a method of property protection from theft and vandalism.

Under the security system designing for offices the following purposes are pursued: