Contactless biometric access control system with multifactor authentication

With the increasing focus of many businesses on the safety and health of their employees, there is a growing demand for completely non-contact access control systems to avoid employee contact with the surface of access control readers and to eliminate the associated health risks. Equipment manufacturers began to offer their own solutions for 100% contactless access control. K-Systems  created a unique solution for completely contactless four-factor authentication - including the use of unprecedented palm vein recognition technology.


This systems allow your employees to avoid having to carry keys and remember passwords. A single module provides face, iris, palm veins and fingerprint recognition (non-contact) in less than 1 second.


Face recogintion 


Unique face recognition technology provides fast, reliable, modern and convenient user authentication in less than a second.

  • Recognition at a distance of up to 1.2 meters.
  • Automatic face tracking mechanism with a wide recognition area from 120 to 220 cm with support for the ADA standard.



Palm vien recognition


Palm vein recognition Incredibly reliable recognition of a person by the pattern of the veins of the palm, provides fast identification of a person when bringing the hand to the reader.

  • An error of 0.00001% is equivalent to zero probability of misidentification.
  • The highest level of security and protection against forgery.

Iris recognition


Automatic pupil tracking mechanism, provides fast and invisible identification.

  • Pupil tracking technology.
  • Infrared vision technology allows you to recognize the iris even in complete darkness.

Contactless fingerprint recognition 


  • Since each fingerprint is unique, fingerprints can even be used to identify identical twins.
  • Non-contact hygienic recognition technology. Simultaneous recognition of 3 fingerprints and palm vein pattern.


Biometric Access Control System - can find its application in a variety of facilities - from critical infrastructure facilities requiring the highest level of security, to small enterprises with lower security requirements, but wanting to acquire unique authentication capabilities.



The system supports four recognition modes that can be used individually or in various combinations. Each recognition module has its own advantages and provides a highly flexible access control system in completely different conditions.


Safety and versatility


Quattro system – is the world's first multifactor biometric authentication system to offer up to four authentication methods in one.


The availability of various combinations of biometric authentication methods in one device provides high flexibility and an unprecedented level of security.


Speed and convenience


Quattro motion tracking detects an approaching object and authenticates it within 0.05 seconds.


Intuitive user interface reduces user errors and enables simultaneous recognition of a face and iris, as well as fingerprints and palm veins with just one natural hand movement.



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