K-Systems introduces a solution that continuously monitors intruders or objects that pose a threat, thereby creating a safer and more predictable world.


Ensuring airport security is an important task in any country in the world. Many people travel constantly - for leisure or work - but they all share a desire to feel safe. At the same time, airports also need to monitor the safety of goods that have to be protected from ill-wishers.


K-Systems is ready to offer a solution for creating complex security systems for airports, including various solutions such as passive and active perimeter protection, video surveillance system with AI-based video analytics tools, 100% non-contact biometric access control system, as well as an automatic detection system. and prevention of potential threats.


Perimeter defense




Perimeter security is an important part of airport security, including security in aircraft, hangars and on runways.


·  For early detection of potential perimeter intruders, specialized multispectral early detection systems can be used, which include not only visible spectrum cameras, but also high-resolution thermal imaging modules. The use of such solutions will allow the security service to identify in advance a potential threat at a great distance (up to 12 kilometers) in any weather conditions and in the complete absence of lighting.


·  To protect the perimeter at medium and short distances, using intelligent video analytics and 3D lidars, you can create invisible virtual fences surrounding the airport and runways. In this case, you can configure security zones specifically for each case. In other words, a virtual fence is created around the physical fence, effectively protecting a larger area than the physical fence. Thus, the intruders will not even be able to find out what were detected, and the airport security will learn about the potential intruder even before he tries to overcome the perimeter.  


·  The first frontier of the perimeter is a physical fence using engineering means of protection, in addition, equipped with various types of intrusion sensors (vibration, beam, and others).


Such an integrated multilayer system helps to protect the airport from onlookers and intruders, as well as to notify the security service about the presence of strangers in the area even before they reach the physical fence.


Contactless biometric access control systems


Taking into account the ever-increasing requirements for increasing the level of security, as well as challenges such as the pandemic, K-Systems offers its customers the most modern and innovative solutions. To ensure the safety of passengers and to restrict access to airport offices, we offer the most modern ACS solutions. One of these solutions for airports is completely contactless biometric access control and time attendance systems.


  • Face recognition

Unique face recognition technology that offers the fastest, most modern and convenient authentication, recognizing the user in less than a second. - Recognition distance up to 2.5 m - the face tracking algorithm has a wide-angle recognition zone, for people with a height of 120 cm to 220 cm.


  • Fingerprint recognition

Because each individual fingerprint is unique, it can be distinguished even from identical twins. - Contactless and hygienic use - Simultaneous recognition of up to 3 fingerprint.


  • Palm vein recognition

Palm Vein Recognition provides highly secure and fast authentication, allowing the palm to be held naturally over the reader. - The probability of false recognition (FAR) is 0.00001%, which means almost zero percentage of access errors.


  • Iris recognition

The world's first automatic pupil tracking mechanism provides fast and easy authentication. High database capacity, and infrared illumination technology can detect the iris of the eye regardless of lighting.


  • 100% contactless system
  • Protection against copying and forgery
  • Highest level of protection
  • The probability of error even for one biometric parameter is 0.00001%
  • Multifactor Authentication
  • Highest level of human identification
  • Staff access to premises
  • Floor access
  • Possibility of access by the rule of two persons


Loading and unloading aircraft



Cargo planes carry a variety of valuable cargo belonging to companies or individuals. How can you ensure that these shipments will be protected from theft? Configuring security zones will create an invisible barrier that does not allow anyone except workers to enter the zone without activating the alarm system.






As a rule, after unloading, the cargo remains on the landing strip for some time. Sometimes it takes up to several days until the cargo is loaded onto another vehicle. Of course, you can send a guard to protect the cargo, but often this is not enough to stop violators. To get rid of the need to allocate personnel for the protection of goods, you can use intelligent security systems that allow you to create a virtual security zone around the goods and notify about intruders into the zone. Hangars and other buildings on the territory of airports can be protected in the same way.


Social distancing and queue management



Equally important is the security of the airport building itself. Modern systems and solutions of K-Systems allow you to monitor compliance with social distancing standards and manage queues. For counting in a certain area, special sensors can be used that can determine if the number of people in the queue exceeds the set maximum. When the maximum is reached, the system sends an alarm notification to the operator and can activate the turnstiles or display a message on the TV screen about the excess of the allowed number of people in the queue. K-Systems also offers systems capable of monitoring compliance with social distancing. A distance zone is automatically set for each visitor. If the distance zones of two visitors overlap, the operator is alerted and responds accordingly.


Suspicious items



These days, the sight of a package or bag left at the airport can alarm passengers. In addition, in many cities of the world, the airport is connected to the city by transport links. This transport may also contain things that pose a threat. Security personnel have to determine whether a suspicious item was left accidentally or on purpose. K-Systems' AI-powered analytics solutions are capable of detecting suspicious objects left in a given surveillance area. When a suspicious item is detected that has remained in place for a long time, the system displays an alarm notification, and the operator, in turn, can send security personnel to check the suspicious item and protect passengers.


Crowd monitoring



There are times when operators or airport security personnel need to monitor whether people are gathering in groups that can grow into crowds and pose a threat to other passengers. Thanks to the use of intelligent video analytics systems, operators can receive notifications about the formation of groups and crowds, and an intelligent face recognition system will identify intruders or wanted persons with high accuracy in real time and using any video source, whether it is a regular CCTV camera, bodywork of a security officer or a regular one. smartphone.


All this allows security personnel to make quick decisions based on the current situation. This makes it possible to constantly monitor the situation and respond in a timely manner to potential threats