Under the security system designing for offices the following purposes are pursued:

  • Protection from illegal penetration of malefactor into the secured territory at day and night;
  • Identification and restrain of confidential information leak by prevention of access of unauthorized persons;
  • Visual control of movement and actions of employees and visitors;
  • Visual control of parking places of employees and visitors;
  • Distribution of access rights for employees to some places, lifts, parking places;
  • Control and accounting of employees’ working time.

For the above purposes the integrated security systems is used. It contains video subsystems, system of access control, employees’ working time accounting, security and fire alarm.   

System of video surveillance

Allows spreading of security possibilities and increase its effectiveness, recording of video archive for separate period of time, simplification and optimization of security services, visual control of large quantity of places and territories, identification of illegal visitors’ actions etc.   

The system of access control

It is used for automatization of visitors’ access to the office, for control of movement of employees and visitors between the offices and automatized of working time accounting. It could be either autonomous systems which control a few points of access or distributed net systems including integrated into the video surveillance system and control large-scaled object. The users identifies oneself by electronics or magnetic cards or by separate digital code. Nowadays biometric access systems based on scanning of fingerprints, shape of face etc. becomes increasingly more popular. In case of integration with video surveillance system, the video identification is made simultaneously with accessing pass and transferring of data into the database for further analyses.  

System of security alarm

The system of office security alarm contains from two components. The first is a perimeter (windows, doors), the second is each office’s volume. Front doors and windows are blocked by sensors on opening and brooking glasses. The office’s volume is blocked by infrared sensors of movement. Also for the purpose of money saving it is possible the usage of combined sensors of brooking and volume. Under the integration with video surveillance system when the sensor invoke the video record activates at the alarm zone and the signal is transferring into the security desk or the photo from video camera is sent to the e-mail.

The integrated system with all above subsystems allows the following:

  • Protect your office from malefactors penetration;
  • Decrease the possibility of important documents losses in case of fire or theft;
  • Limit or permit the access to the office for separate persons;
  • Optimize working processes and decrease costs on unfair personal;
  • Receive full vision of situation at the office on-line at any place of the world.