Geovision has released a new version of GV System - 8.5.7

Geovision updated its software, what's new in version GV-System 8.5.7 (download):
  • Support for Windows 8 (32 and 64-bit) and Windows Server 2012 (64-bit)
  • Virtual PTZ for cameras without mechanical PTZ functions
  • PIP distortion removal for fisheye cameras in single view
  • Support dual stream and configure cameras connected via ONVIF protocol
  • Support for deferred decoding of live viewing, to increase video smoothness
  • Support for GV-3D People Counter in GV-IP Device Utility
  • Support for Geovision GV-FE2301, GV-FE4301, GV-BL1200, Gv-BL1300, GV-BL1210, GV-BL2410, GV-BL3410, GV-BL5310, GV-BL2400, GV-BL3400, GV-FD1200, GV-FD2400, GV-FD3400, GV-FD5300, GV-FD1210, GV-FD2410, GV-FD3410, GV-PT130D, GV-PT220D, GV-PT320D, GV-UBX1301, GV-UBX2301, GV-UBX3301, GV-UBL12 UBL2411, GV-UBL3411, GV-UBL1301, GV-UBL2401, UBL3401
  • Support for AXIS IP Q6035-E cameras
  • Support for AXIS IP cameras: M3007, P3354, P3364, Q1604 via ONVIF protocol
  • Support Bosch NBN-921-P via ONVIF protocol
  • VIVOTEK IP Camera Support: FD8135H, FD8162, FD8372, FE8172, IP8172, IP8335H, IP8362, MD8562, SD8323E, SD8362E
 Main System:
  • Inability to set the minimum interval in the monitoring graph when motion is detected or inputs / outputs are triggered
  • Inability to detect GV-CA120 and CA220 models in GV-System when using auto search
  • Inability to transfer video stream using GV-Skype Video Utility when using Skype V6.0.0.126
  • Inability to record an audio stream using the Geo-Audio codec on storage devices larger than 2 Tb
  • Improved POS correctness
  • Connecting to the wrong IP address in Remote ViewLog when some digits are repeated with the IP address that was previously connected
  • Inability to enter domain names that exceed 22 characters
  • Resuming playback after enabling split screen while viewing archived recordings
WebCam and Remote Applications
  • Possible restart of the Center V2 system or VSM server, if several events are triggered simultaneously
  • Possible Disappearance of Geo Fisheye / Distortion correction functions on fisheye cameras when viewed through WebCam when two or more fisheye cameras are connected to the GV-System server.

Main System:
  • Increased GPU decoding efficiency and reduced memory load
  • Support for settings, frame rates for analog cameras when triggering I / O triggers.
  • The maximum system protection time during idle time increased from 5 minutes to 4 hours
  • Network failure detection, sending a signal to the actuator in case of loss of connection with devices on the network
  • Sending a signal to the actuator when the video signal is lost, is carried out only after exceeding the specified time.
  • Support for using Remote ViewLog Service when connected to GV-Recording Server, GV-Backup Server and GV-Backup Center
  • Automatically turn on PIP mode after enlarging the picture, if the image resolution exceeds the resolution of the monitor.
  • Support for panoramic view in Remote ViewLog

WebCam and remote viewing applications
  • Pre-event / post-event notifications for the following types of events: video loss, video resumption, intrusion, missing object, abandoned item, crowd detection, scene change (for Center V2 and Dispatch Server)
  • Notification mechanism for GV-System, GV Center V2, VSM server, which allows the user to configure the notification schedule, without connecting I / O devices
  • Support for multi-window (multi-picture) mode in Chrome, Safari and Firefox. The user can simultaneously view up to 16 video channels of live video from the GV-NVR.
  • Ability to change video resolution when using mobile devices. From CIF to VGA (640x480), when using GV-AView V1.3.1 (for devices on android) and GV-iView V2.3 (for iPhone and iPod Touch)
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