Frequent Questions

Frequent Questions 


What is DVR?

DVR is digital video registrar. DVR can receive video from digital or analogue cameras and make records in digital format at the hard disk.  It can record the high quality video during a few days, weeks or even months.

What is video capture card?

The video capture card or DVR card for security system gives the opportunity to build the video surveillance system on the base of computer (video server). The video capture card converts the signal from analogue cameras into the digital video flow that recorded into the computer’s (video server) hard disk.

How many hours the DVR registrar can keep the video?

The deep of the archive depends on the quantity of cameras, quantity of frames per second (FPS) and capacity of hard disk. Depending on these factors, the deep of the archive can be from a few days till a few months.

Is it possible to watch the records directly from video registrar?


Is it possible to review the records distantly?

Yes, the majority of DVR security systems support distant access. You can watch the on-line video of records from any place at the world through the Internet.

What width of channel is necessary for distant review?

Usually DSL is enough. The optimal solution for qualitative review will be wide-band access with outgoing speed from 1.5 Mbit per second.

Could a few users to review the one site at once?  

The majority of DVR systems gives the opportunity to review the video flow for a few users at once. However, the quality if video could be lower as far as under the simultaneous review the carrying capacity of the channel allocate between users.

How many cameras do I need?

It depends on the quantity and location of the object as well as on tasks that you need to solve by video surveillance system.

What is Lux?

Illumination is measured by units so called Lux. The less the value of sensitivity in Lux the better camera “sees” in the dark.

What type of operational system is used at the video surveillance systems?

The majority of security systems is built on the bases of computers that use Windows 7. The autonomic video registrars DVR use Linux OS.

What happens under the missing of electricity?

The majority of video registrar will switch on again as soon as electricity will be restore. However, we suggest setting the source of no-break power (UPS) that gives reserved power for some period as well as protects from missing electricity.

Could the video registrar send the alarm signal?

Yes, some DVR video registrars could send the signal on moving object through the massage at the Internet.