Cart reader with 4 MP camera




GV-CR420 is the perfect combination of «smart» video surveillance and access control. It is a card reader with a built-in 4-megapixel wide-angle digital camera, which gives a clear image of a wide viewing angle at the entry point, thus expanding the field of view for more detailed background information.

Reader with integrated camera

The advantage of the built-in camera, not taking into account the ease of installation, is that it provides full face capture. As can be seen from the following comparison, it is very difficult to completely capture the face when the camera is not built into the reader (and usually it is installed at a higher point from the reader). You can get an even sharper image, provided that the face recognition mode is activated.

A wide-angled camera equals better background image quality

The GV-CR420 uses a wide-angle lens to display extra space compared to a conventional camera. The advantage is that the camera captures the whole person, regardless of her height. The camera is capable of capturing not only the user of the map, but also those accompanying it.

Fully compatible with surveillance systems

GV-CR420 captures and transmits life video and photo using network connection to GV-ASManager - a GeoVision's solution in access control, and GV-System - a GeoVision's solution for surveillance management.

Advanced authentication mode - card and face recognition mode.

GV-CR420 enhances security with a special authentication mode - card and face recognition mode. The mode guarantees access only if there is both a card and a person. This is necessary for the correct capture of the face image, for the possibility, if necessary, of its further search. Face recognition mode can be turned on for a while (according to the schedule) to provide increased security in a certain time period.

Web interface, access to online video functions

Use your browser for online viewing and take advantage of many other features, such as motion detection, privacy mask and alarm notifications.